1.2 MGD water plant to complete on June 30

(By Yasir Habib Khan):-

In order to mitigate water hardships, Gwadar’s 1.2 MGD seawater desalination plant is all set to be completed on June 30, says GPA project director Dawood Baloch.

“Civil, mechanical and electrical work to operate Central room of 1.2 MGD desalination water plant has already been given final touches and it is 100 percent sure that on June 30, everything will be up and running as per plan,” he explained. Almost 90 percent manpower and human resource, he said, have been hired from local market of Gwadar and Balochistan.

Final arrangements, he said, are afoot, for ribbon-cutting ceremony to mark official inauguration of China-funded desalination water plant. “Concerned authorities are weighing up options to unveil desalination water plant on June 30, date of completion, or later,” he added.
On a query, he said that all related equipment and apparatus have been installed in befitting manner to keep desalination water plant functional with full capacity. Alongside construction of 1.2 MGD desalination plant, a around 1 kilo meter long water supply line from plant site to Gwadar city’s main water supply network has also been laid down, he added

Completion of 1.2 MGD Water Desalination Plant, spreading over approximately one acre land area, reflects China’s compassion for poor people of Gwadar desperately longing for clean water over the last many years. Water desalination plant is being completed with a grant of Rs 2 billion from China in collaboration with Gwadar Port Authority (GPA) and China Harbor Engineering Company (CHEC). The 1.2 MGD Water Desalination Plant project, he said, will be enough to meet the water demand of the Gwadar city and Gwadar port.

He said initially a 0.5 MGD Water Desalination Plant project was inked with the conduction of feasibility and survey by government of Pakistan and China. Later having revisited the current demand of water, the government approved the 1.2 MGD Water Desalination Plant for Gwadar On July 5, 2021.