1st batch of Pakistani literatures to release in China, fostering cultural exchange

During the Tianfu book fair in Sichuan, China, Two imported Pakistani books were launched. The book release will be Pakistani women’s literature’s debut in China.

The two novels, “I Can Still Live Like the Wind:Pakistani Women’s Writing” and “Ginat”, are both written from women’s perspective. They are the first batch of books imported from Pakistan under the CPC Central Committee’s Publicity Department’s ‘Plan for Translation of Asian Classic Works’. The plan aims to assist Asian countries to deepen their understanding of one another, and offer a platform for nations to share cultures and gain insight from one another.

A warm-up forum titled ‘Contemporary Women’s Literature and Culture in Pakistan’ was organized during the Tianfu book fair, aiming to help the Chinese readers better understand Pakistani culture and women’s writing.

“As one of the birthplaces of ancient civilization, Pakistan has a rich history and cultural resources. These two books take readers on an exhilarating culture journey through the aesthetics of Pakistani poetry and literature. The books can also serve as a gateway for Chinese readers to better understand Islamic culture ” Xiao Jianmei, Researcher from China Center for South Asia studies, Sichuan University commented during the warm-up forum.