31 containers carrying cold storage material reaching Gwadar Port

31 shipping containers carrying construction materials for the cold storage of pharmaceutical raw materials arrived directly from China to Gwadar Free Zone on Tuesday, Hangeng Trading Company told Gwadar Pro.

The company’s CEO, Andy Liao, said, “The material will be used for the construction of cold storage units at Hangeng Agriculture Park.”

“This is our second shipment this year importing goods from China, the first shipment carrying steel structure material arrived in early January 2023 and the third batch of goods is coming next week,” he said.

In May, the installation of the steel structure workshop at HanGeng Agricultural Industrial Park was completed, while the equipment installation started in June of this month.

The company confirmed that 95% of factory work is almost complete, while the rest of the construction, including cold storage and machinery deployment, remains. The factory is expected to be ready by August 2023.”

Liao was thankful to the Pakistani government for its support. “Our establishment of an agricultural industrial park is also in line with Pakistan’s national conditions.” he stated.

He was hopeful that the development of Gwadar will make the region more stable, improve people’s livelihoods in Pakistan, and make the economy prosperous.