Afghanistan to receive 8000 tonnes of Fertiliser from Gwadar.

A shipment of 8000 tonnes of DAP fertilisers is scheduled to be transported by road to Afghanistan as a new boost to the Gwadar transhipment drive, making it the first shipment of fertiliser with an Afghanistan destination this year.

During the last 10 months and 13 days in 2022, Gwadar did not handle or ship any Afghanistan-bound fertiliser stuff. It processed and shipped hundreds of tonnes of DAP for Afghanistan trade in 2021. Eventually, the operation resumed after a mega vessel owned by AP Sveti Vlaho that carried 8000 tons of DAP fertilisers, docked on November 14 at Gwadar Port.

Since its operation, the port has begun to play a new role as an efficient transit stop and time-saving trade port for land-locked Afghanistan. Its shipments of fertiliser started in January 2020. Gwadar International Terminal Limited (GITL) operator official said that after offloading process is completed and the fertiliser will be loaded on trucks and then will be sent to Afghanistan as per the stipulated programme and schedule.

AP Sveti Vlaho is the first company that has been engaged with the Gwadar Port Authority. This new interaction has prompted a deep sense of confidence shown by international companies in Gwadar port observing its rising reputation to handle enormous consignments as per international standardisation.