AFM Nong Rong says China-Pak coop to positively impact Pak population

Chinese Assistant Foreign Minister Nong Rong on Tuesday afternoon stressed the importance of China and Pakistan fostering mutually advantageous collaborations that would positively impact the entire Pakistan’s population, including those residing in the Balochistan province.

During a meeting with a delegation of journalists from Balochistan, Minister Nong maintained that the enduring friendship between China and Pakistan, is marked by unwavering support during challenging times.

He pledged China’s dedication to advancing the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, focusing on high-quality development and expressing a willingness to deepen industrial cooperation with Pakistan.

He also emphasized the acceleration of projects aimed at improving the quality of life for the people. Nong Rong highlighted the rapid development of Gwadar Port in recent years, attributing its success to the benefits it has brought to the local populace.

According to the details officially released here, Nong Rong extended a warm invitation to the media, encouraging them to report extensively on these noteworthy developments.

He underlined the necessity for both nations to collaboratively establish a secure and predictable business environment to facilitate a positive cycle of development and security.

The visiting press corps concurred that friendship with China was a shared consensus across various sectors in Pakistan.

They recognized the substantial impact of projects such as Gwadar Port, roads, hospitals, schools, and more on regional connectivity and job creation. The journalists eagerly anticipated China’s continued support for Balochistan province’s development, foreseeing it as a source of greater prosperity for the local population.

The press corps expressed their readiness to bridge the ‘information gap’ between Balochistan province’s residents and the Chinese people, emphasizing their commitment to bolstering China-Pakistan relations through their reporting.”