Chinese Engineers Install Shaft Pan in Hydropower Project

Chinese engineers installed a shaft pan in the Sukki Kinari hydropower project with a capacity of 884 megawatts. The installation is expected to support water preservation and power generation.

According to the details, the pan shaft has an important role in generating elec­tricity by converting energy from an out­flow between the upstream water and downstream water. The system com­prises a vertical shaft, the shaft crown of which forms an inlet level that is essential­ly parallel to the bottom and which below the water level of the upper water runs.

Under Construction Suki Kinari Hy­dropower Project-884MW Shaft 234m deep double chamber surge shaft which is being constructed to neu­tralise the hammering effect of water due to the sudden shutdown of gener­ating units last year.

90 percent work of the Sukki Kinari hydropower project has been complet­ed while the installation of the heavy transmission line is in progress at a rapid pace.

Courtesy The Nation