China and Pakistan to cooperate in nursing talent cultivation

“We’d like to jointly upgrade the professional level of nursing and cultivate international nursing talents with Pakistan. We hope that the two colleges can build a platform for further exchange and cooperation,” said Jiang Zhixia, president of Guizhou Nursing Vocational College(GZNVC). 

Given the surging demand for nursing professionals both domestically and internationally, the Department of External Affairs of Pakistan recently confirmed nursing as a top-demand field. China, with nearly 5 million nurses and a mature education system in nursing, also has a high demand for nursing talents due to its large population. More and more experts see potential in Pak-China cooperation in the nursing sector. Earlier this month, a delegation from Saida Waheed FMH College of Nursing in Lahore, Pakistan visited GZNVC in Guizhou, China, and had a meeting discussing personnel training and curriculum setting, etc.

“I know that Guizhou Nursing Vocational College has successfully held multiple international nursing-related activities, such as China-ASEAN International Academic Forum on Nursing and Health Project and China-ASEAN Vocational College Nursing Skills Competition. We hope that we can participate in such events in the future and strengthen the two colleges’ exchange and cooperation in the nursing specialty construction,” said Misbar Zafar, professor of FMH College.

After the meeting, the delegation also visited the training base of emergency and critical care simulation and digital anatomy training room.