China dominated Pakistan’s FDI with $432.7 million in FY 23

In the Financial Year 2023 (from July 2022 to June 2023), Pakistan received the highest Foreign Direct Invest (FDI) worth US$ 432.7 million from China, according to the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP)’s latest figures.

In FY 2023, Pakistan received $1.4377 billion in FDI with China leading with 30.09% of the total FDI coming to the country.

As per SBP, the FDI inflows/outflows include cash received for investment in equity, intercompany loan, capital equipment brought in/out, equity in accounts abroad, and reinvested earnings.

In FY 2023, the total inflow from China remained at $475.3 million, the outflow was $43.1 million, net FDI was $ 432.2 million, net foreign portfolio investment (FPI) was $0.5 million and the total FDI remained at $432.7 million.

FPI consists of securities and other financial assets held by investors in another country. Along with FDI,  FPI is one of the common ways to invest in overseas economies.

In June 2023, Pakistan also received $ 5.8 million from Hong Kong bringing the total FDI from Hong Kong to $96.6 million in FY 23.

In FY 2023, Pakistan received $182 million from Japan, $ 172.3 million from UAE, $135 million from Switzerland, $118.4 million from the U.S., $ 71.5 million from Netherlands, $63.9 million from France, $62 million from the United Kingdom, $ 39.8 million from Singapore, $38.2 million from South Korea, $ 25.2 million from Hungary, $24.3 million from Kuwait, $23.2 million from Malaysia, $20.2 million from KSA and $17.6 million each from Lebanon and Turkey.