China in Frames: A Photographic Tribute by Ambassador Moin ul Haque

Diving into a visual journey across China’s diverse landscape with “China in Frames: A Photographic Tribute,” an exhibition presented by Pakistan’s Ambassador to China, Moin ul Haque. Held on Friday at the Yindi Art Museum in Beijing, the photo collection captures the Ambassador’s three-year tenure, illuminating his deep admiration for China’s distinctive allure.

The exhibition also embodies the Ambassador’s close bond with China, celebrating the shared heritage and lasting friendship between the two nations.

Speaking at the ceremony, Ambassador Moin ul Haque remarked, “There’s a popular saying that one picture is worth a thousand words. I believe in its truth because the power of visual storytelling transcends boundaries, highlighting the world’s beauty and human spirit through a universal language.”

“These photographs will always be cherished memories of my time in China, a nation rich in history, landscapes, traditions, and people. China has been my second home, revealing its wonders to me with every step, interaction, and moment,” he continued.

He further commented on the warmth he received from locals during his travels in China, noting, “Whenever people learned I’m from Pakistan, they warmly greeted with ‘Batie.’ This, to me, symbolizes our unique, deep-rooted bonds.”

It’s noteworthy to mention that this exhibition is part of the celebrations marking the China-Pakistan Year of Tourism 2023 Exchanges. Attendees had the opportunity to witness China’s mesmerizing beauty through the Ambassador’s perspective.