Chinese car maker stays optimistic amid turbulence in Pakistan’s Automotive Industry

Public data from the Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association showed an 80% year-on-year decline in sales of locally assembled new light vehicles, amounting to only 4,463 units in April 2023. Consequently, cumulative sales for the year dropped by 66.5%, reaching a mere 30,753 units. Scanning the headlines of news articles available online, terms such as “shutdown” and “halt” dominate the discourse on Pakistan’s automotive industry.

“Starting this year, Pakistan has encountered unprecedented challenges, not only in the automotive industry but across various sectors. Many import-dependent industries and manufacturing sectors are grappling with production shutdowns and halts—a phenomenon that has become a normality.” explained Shi Qingke, the vice president of Great Wall Motors, “We have also encountered car parts shortages, similar to most of other automotive companies. However, the problem has been considerably mitigated, and we have no issues with the supply chain.” Shi stated with confidence.

Last year on September 1st, in an event held in Lahore, Great Wall Motors (GWM)’s first factory in Pakistan has officially commenced production, with an annual production capacity of 20,000 units. Adding to the excitement, on November17th, the GWM Haval H6 HEV made its official debut in Lahore. This news sent shockwaves through the industry as it signifies several groundbreaking achievements, notably being the “first locally assembled new energy hybrid model” in Pakistan.