Chinese Company builds Solar Power Facility at Mardan Center for Speech and Hearing

LONGi Solar, a Chinese company, has installed a solar power plant at the Centre for Speech and Hearing (CSH) in Mardan, KP province.

The project was executed by Renergy, a local partner of LONGi Solar and Huawei.  Renergy said that the project was part of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities of the two companies. The 20.7 kilowatts solar plant involves Huawei inverters. According to a statement issued by CSH on its website, CEO of Longi Solar Zoe Gao and CEO of Global Industries Dave Marzouk performed the opening ceremony of the solar project. They highly commended the services of CSH for the speech and hearing-impaired children of the area.

In a video shared by CSH, Mrs Shaheen Saifullah, a member of the fund raising committee for the centre, said that the solar plant will ensure an uninterrupted supply of electricity. In the summer, the hearing aids provided to the special kids stop working properly due to sweating triggered electricity outages. Now this issue will end with the uninterrupted power supply, she said.

CSH Mardan was founded in 1984 by the parents of a baby girl born with congenital deafness who dreamed of giving her a life as close to normalcy as possible. Parents of other such children also joined hands in establishing the centre, as per the CSH website.