Chinese Company Ensures Safe Drinking Water for Islamabad Students

Zhongke Runlan Environmental Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. donated RO water treatment equipment to Islamabad Model College for Girls in Pakistan and sent a team of engineers to provide technical guidance and installation.

According to Runlan, under the framework of China’s “Belt and Road” initiative and in line with the principles of green development, Chinese companies are actively contributing to global sustainable development by sharing China’s clean energy equipment, technology, and services with the world.

Upon their arrival in Pakistan, the team of technicians promptly ventured to the site to carry out water sample testing. Startling results emerged from their assessments: “After our testing, we found that the electrical conductivity of the water sample reached 2330μs/cm, indicating a high concentration of harmful ion impurities far exceeding international standards,” stated a representative from Runlan Environmental Technology.

Pakistan is one of the countries facing severe water pollution issues, particularly when it comes to drinking water. In certain regions, due to adverse natural conditions and improper utilization of water resources, the groundwater contains a high concentration of harmful substances, rendering it unsuitable for consumption. This directly poses a threat to the drinking water safety of local residents. Islamabad Model College for Girls, located in the rural area of Tarnol in Islamabad, is one such school grappling with this issue. The school lacks proper water filtration equipment, forcing some children to bring their own drinking water from home every day. Unfortunately, not all children have access to clean water facilities at home.

The team started their interaction with the school staff by explaining the basic theoretical knowledge about the RO reverse osmosis water treatment equipment. They then proceeded to demonstrate the specific wiring steps and testing procedures to the school. After undergoing treatment with the RO reverse osmosis water purification equipment, the electrical conductivity of the water samples decreased to 42μs/cm, meeting international standards.

“We are delighted to see  children are now drinking safe and reliable water, this matters the most.” representative form Zhongke Runlan expressed to the reporter.