Chinese FDI to Pakistan reached $ 347.6 million in first 10 months of FY 22-23

Pakistan has received $ 347.6 million as Foreign Direct Investment from China in the first 10 months of Fiscal Year 2022-23 (July 2022-April 2023), according to the latest statistics of the Board of Investment Pakistan (BOI).

According to BOI, during April Pakistan received another $ 28.4 million from China, bringing the total Chinese FDI during the ongoing financial year to $347.6 million. Pakistan has received a total of $ 1170.1 million in the first ten months of FY 2022-23, with a large share of 29.7% coming from China.

After China, Japan is the second highest investor in Pakistan with $ 162.9 million, followed by Switzerland with $ 131.6 million, UAE with $ 113.6 million.

In the first ten months of the current fiscal year, Pakistan received the highest amount of investments in the power sector, amounting to $ 504.1 million. In financial businesses, the country has so far received $ 264.5 million, in the oil and gas sector $ 128.2 million, in chemicals $ 39.5 million, in trade $ 34.4 million, in transport $ 30.5 million, in construction $ 19.1 million, in textiles $ 13.5 million, in communication $ 8.8 million while others sectors received $ 127.2 million.

In FY 2021-22, China was the leading investor in Pakistan with $ 531.6 million which was 28.47% of the total FDI Pakistan received from different countries of the world.