Chinese sesame testing farm ready for harvest in Pakistan

China Machinery Engineering Corporation (CMEC) established a sesame testing farm near Lahore and is expecting their first sesame harvest next week. The trial yield will be 850-1000 kg per acre.

The company has started cultivation of 20 acres of sesame for testing purposes and performance. The testing farm started early this year will boost innovative farming and agricultural cooperation between the two countries.

Talking to Gwadar Pro, Dai Bao, Vice General Manager of CMEC Pakistan said we are testing seeds and field management. Hope to start sesame trading and contract farming in future to improve Pakistan sesame yield and trading volume.

Sesame is adaptable to many types of soils. However, it performs better in well- drained soils and is usually produced in upland plains. Production costs per acre are modest and almost comparable to the cost of producing soybeans.

Fertilizer costs are primarily for nitrogen, which can be met through organic sources. Harvest costs are similar to other grains.

Global demand for sesame seeds has been rising over the years. The crop is gaining momentum as a health- enhancing food, which is used in many dishes.

If testing goes well, in the future we will introduce modern technology to improve the yield and will export more sesame to China, said Dai.