Chinese textile manufacturer to install dry dyeing plant in Lahore

Challenge Fashion Ltd., a Chinese company involved in textile manufacturing in Lahore, will install its first non-water-based dyeing plant in 2024 at its recently-approved Challenge Fashion Economic Zone in the capital of Punjab province.

The plant will be the first of its kind in Pakistan, as the CEO of Challenge Group informed officials of the Commercial Section of the Chinese Consulate during their visit to the Group along with Pakistani media.

Dry dyeing technology saves water, energy, and the environment, and prevents water pollution while providing higher output and color consistency.

According to an update by the company, the delegation visited Challenge Group to commemorate the achievements of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and to highlight the diligent efforts of Chinese investors in industrialization, technology transfer, job creation, and their contribution to Pakistan’s economy through foreign exchange remittances.

The delegation received an overview of the Group’s accomplishments, globally-acknowledged undertakings, and its plans for the future. The CEO of Challenge Group shared their contributions to the textile industry and the usage of non-traditional and synthetic fabrics like polyester and Marino wool. The CEO also expressed the desire to become a pioneer in Pakistan’s textile industry and to introduce digitalization, which would revolutionize the sector in the country.