Construction of Fish Processing Factory begins in Gwadar

(By Yasir Habib Khan):-

As various projects gain traction in Gwadar, a Chinese company, Haixintian Pelagic Fishery Overseas Base Company, begins full-scale construction of its fish processing factory in Gwadar Free Zone South (phase 1).

Last month, Haixintian Pelagic Fishery Overseas Base Company commenced the importation of its industrial units from China, and construction is now underway for the cold storage and other facilities necessary for the fish industry. To facilitate this, the company has secured a warehouse spanning 5,911 square meters in the Gwadar Free Zone (Phase 1). The warehouse comprises 2,000 square meters of standard workshop space, which will be constructed according to the design of the sublessor.

It will be the Gwadar Free Zone’s first fishing and fishing-related factory. All legal and documentation procedures for operating in Pakistan have already been completed by the company. Because the industry is linked to the expertise of the local workforce, it has the potential to benefit the community in terms of both job and business opportunities.