EPA to hold public hearing of private housing scheme

Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency (Pak-EPA) will hold the public hearing of the environmental impact assessment (EIA) Report of the construction of a private housing scheme, Faisal Residencia Housing Scheme to be built in Mouza Pind Pariyan and Mouza Dora, Zone-2 of Sector E-17.

The public hearing will be held onMay8, on Monday at 11 am at Anabia’s Marriage Hall, Tarnol Fateh Jang Kohat Road.

The EIA Report of any development project provides a detailed information on the existing environmental conditions, description of the project, analysis of the impacts and suggested mitigation measures to be implemented during the execution of the proposed project.

The Agency had issued public notice that had appeared in the leading national newspapers to apprise general public, local area community and others to attend the public hearing and give their insights, concerns, suggestions and recommendations on the project.

The proposed project is under planning to be launched and implemented by ZEDEM International Pvt. Ltd.

The project site is located adjacent to Cabinet Division Employees Cooperative Housing Society E-17 on the North and MPCHS Multi Professionals Cooperative Housing Society F-17 on the East, open land or nullah and GulshanE Sehate E-18 on the West, MPCHS Multi Professionals Cooperative Housing Society F-17 on the South and Pind Pariyan and have access to Kohat Road.

The construction cost of Faisal Residencia was estimated to be Rs 1.

83billionexcluding the cost of the land.

The Housing Society would be constructed at an area of 1220.6 Kanals of land which will be developed for residential and commercial purpose. The project will comprise of 1164 plots for residential and 8 plots for blue or commercial area, open spaces, parks, public building areas, graveyard and roads.

The Society would have surface water drainage, sewerage network and sewage treatment plant,watersupply network including tube wells, overhead tanks,waterpurification and and filtration plant for drinkingwater,electricitydistribution network, street lights, Sui-Gas distribution network as perSNGPLstandard, underground telecommunication network,mosque, commercial area, public building, parks and green areas.

According to the EIA Report,allpayments were already done to the land owners for acquiring the land, very low cultivation in the area as there was no cultivatable land present on the projectsite, to prevent soil erosion and degradation the quantities of excavation and fill material would be carefully carried out.

The area did not have any significant number of vegetation and mostly uncultivatable.

The EIA Report publichearingis mandatory under thePakistanEnvironmental Protection Act 1997 for the project proponent to seek an environmental approvalfromPak-EPA prior to attain a no objection certificatefromtheCapital Development Authority(CDA) to initiate construction.