First Sino-Pak feature film premier held to strengthen bilateral cultural exchanges

The Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA) recently hosted the premiere of “Ba’tie Girl,” the inaugural Sino-Pak feature film, marking a decade of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) celebrations.Zafar Uddin Mahmood, Special Assistant to the Pakistani Prime Minister, honored the film with the Sino-Pak Friendship Award.

He emphasized the film’s role in celebrating the enduring bond between the ctwo nations and expressed hope for deeper cultural ties and future collaborative film projects.

Zhang Heqing, the Cultural Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan, underscored the film’s pivotal role in enhancing cultural dialogue between China and Pakistan. He also lauded CPEC projects for bolstering both economic and cultural connections, promoting greater interpersonal interactions between the two countries.

Xie Peng, the executive producer of “Ba’tie Girl,” shared with Gwadar Pro that this collaboration, the first of its kind since the two countries established diplomatic ties 72 years ago, is a significant milestone. He expressed gratitude for the comprehensive support from the Pakistani government, the heartfelt assistance of its people, the steadfast backing of the Chinese Embassy, and the invaluable aid from Chinese expatriates.

Xie optimistically remarked, “Given the unwavering support from both Chinese and Pakistani governments towards cultural collaborations, we anticipate an increasing number of filmmakers from both nations to harness this momentum, crafting even more exceptional cinematic masterpieces.”

Set against the backdrop of the ambitious “Belt and Road” initiative, “Ba’tie Girl” narrates the intertwined lives of Lu You, a translator for a China-backed hydropower project in Pakistan, and Nasa, a local Pakistani girl. Their journey, from initial encounters to deep-rooted camaraderie, encapsulates the profound bond between China and Pakistan. The film is a testament to the essence of humanity, celebrating genuine friendships filled with warmth and compassion.