Gwadar Port desilting operation in high gear

Gwadar port desilting operation has picked robust momentum after ministry of planning urged to accelerate the work on the special directives of Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif. 

Desilting mega process has been galvanized in order to restore original depth of navigational channel at Gwadar Port offering heavyweight ships to float well. It will ensure seamless movement of all type of vessels, facilitating them to dock at ease.

Gwadar Port Authority Project Director Dawood Baloch told Gwadar pro that after the mobilization of required paraphernalia and test-run to ensure operational efficiency engaging China Harbor Engineering Company Ltd (CHEC), dredging operation has moved into high gear.

“We plan to reclaim 14.5 meters natural and original operational depth at Gwadar Port at a cost of Rs 4.7 billion,” he added. He expressed satisfaction on the pace of operation.

“Under title of “the maintenance dredging of a navigational channel of Gwadar Port”, Project will complete in 12 months as per agreement signed between CHEC and Gwadar Port Authority (GPA),” he added.

Another GPA official told Gwadar Pro that since earlier they planned to kickstart only one part of dredging process in two or three phases at Gwadar Port, so around Rs 1 billion was allocated in 2022-2023 budget for a partial dredging. Later, he said, it was finalized to do complete dredging at one fell swoop. Hence, now cost of the project stands at Rs 4.7 billion.

On a query, he noted that having gone through bidding process officially launched by GPA last year, CHEC won the contract of maintenance dredging construction on the forward swing waters, approach channel of the Gwadar Port Terminal. He added that GPA awarded the contract to CHEC after gauging technical assessment on the basis of international experience and financial worth of all participant companies in a bidding process.

“It will pave the way for the construction of additional berths from existing 602 meters length to 1500 meters. Moreover, frequent dredging will help maintain original depth of the channel.”

The total cost of dredging, he said, has been determined as per cubic meter considering the scale of operation and size of the area to be cleared from siltation.  Gwadar Port has been handling ship with a draught of 11.6 meters. Last time dredging operation got underway in 2015.

CHEC, award-winner of dredging operation, is an engineering contractor and a subsidiary of China Communications Construction Company (CCCC), providing infrastructure construction, such as marine engineering, dredging and reclamation, road and bridge, railways, airports and plant construction. It is the second largest dredging company in the world, carrying out projects in Asia, Africa, and Europe.