Gwadar celebrates China’s National Tree Planting Day

(Staff Report):-

As March 12 marked China’s National Tree Planting Day, Chinese companies in Gwadar organized a tree cultivation event with zeal and zest. In order to commemorate the significance of day, China Overseas Port Holding Company chairman Yu Bo accompanied by senior officials of Chinese companies planted sapling in the land of China-Pakistan Vocational and Technical Institute.

On the occasion, Brigadier 440 Special Security Division Brigadier Ameer Ali Umrani, faculty members of Gwadar University and officers of Gwadar Port Authority took part in the plantation drive.

Several hundred small trees were planted to exhibit resolve and commitment toward betterment of afforestation, green density and natural ecology of Gwadar.

March 12 marks China’s Tree Planting Day. Unfamiliar to many, the tradition could be traced back to 1915. At the time, a forestry expert suggested designating the Qingming Festival, also known as Tomb-Sweeping Day, as the National Tree Planting Day. While after the demise of Sun Yat-sen on March 12, 1925, a renowned statesman who led a revolution that ended imperial rule in China, the National Tree Planting Day was changed to fall on March 12 to commemorate Sun’s advocacy for national afforestation to improve people’s livelihood.

Since the People’s Republic of China was founded in 1949, the Chinese government has continued to use the day to honor Sun’s contribution to the country.