Haining encourages Pakistani new energy companies for collaboration

(Staff Report):- 

“Haining has a number of advanced photovoltaic energy storage and other new energy enterprises, looking forward to strengthening technical exchanges and cooperation with Pakistani and other Belt and Road Initiative countries in the field of commerce and new energy,” highlighted Jin Hongxian, Deputy Director of Economic Development Office of Zhouwangmiao, Haining City, Zhejiang province, China in a recent business matchmaking between Haining and Pakistani technology companies.

With a GDP of RMB 119.63 billion in 2021, Haining has forged a new energy emerging manufacturing cluster with an industrial output value of RMB 50 billion above scale. Located in the Yangtze River Delta integrated development core area, Zhouwangmiao  is the birthplace of Haining leather, and was once named “China’s No. 1 Leather Town” by the Chinese Ministry of Light Industry. The town’s  economy is guided by electronic information, high-end equipment manufacturing, and biomedicine.

Jin added that in the past 10 years, as the backbone of the emerging manufacturing industry and the traditional foreign trade strong city, Haining’s foreign trade partners have gradually expanded from North America, Europe, Japan and South Korea to Thailand, Pakistan and other emerging economies such as the Belt and Road countries, and the proportion has been rising year by year. Haining encourages more Pakistani solar and leather companies for win-win cooperation.

It is not a hidden secret that China excels in the solar and photovoltaic industry, contributing more than 50 percent of the world’s electricity and photovoltaic power generation, said Sami Iqbal, founder of Nanjing Enfiniti Tech Development Co., Ltd, who is also engaged in solar cell materials research at the School of Materials at Southeast University. He hopes to find companies that understand the demand for solar energy and related equipment manufacturing in developing countries and regions along the Belt and Road.

“Pakistan has enormous advantages and opportunities to develop the photovoltaic industries, including transportation, agriculture, small and medium industry, commercial and public services, etc. We would like to form partnerships with quality PV companies in Haining to enhance the manufacturing and operational maintenance capabilities of the PV industry in Pakistan.” added Sami.

On the occasion, Yu Linjie, General Manager of Zhejiang Chuanda New Energy Co., Ltd expressed his interest in working with Pakistani PV companies in the investment plan, after sales services and equipment upgrades.