LOCA celebrates China National Day with extravaganza

In a festive mood and style, Lahore Overseas China Association (LOCA) and Understanding China Forum (UCF) held a boisterous ceremony to commemorate the founding of the People’s Republic of China called China National Day.

Celebrating 74th China National Day, sizeable number of Chinese nationals gathered at LOCA office and shared pleasantries with one another. During this gala day, Chinese people felt a strong sense of patriotism and cherished the event’s festive mood.

Ceremony was attended by Acting Chinese Consul General Lahore Cao Ke, LOCA president Mr Luo, diplomat Mr Du, Institute of International Relations and Media Research (IIRMR) president Yasir Habib Khan, Chinese companies CEOs and many other notables of Lahore.

During the ceremony, Acting Chinese Consul General Lahore Cao Ke spoke on the occasion and congratulated everyone on holding of China National Day with joyful sentiments. “On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival and the National Day, overseas Chinese and the people across the country will surely unite as one to write a more splendid chapter in the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation,” he added.

LOCA president Mr Luo said that customs and activities of the Mid-Autumn Festival convey the good wishes of reunion, play the role of inheriting customs, raising consensus, and gathering strength, awakening overseas Chinese’s memory of traditional Chinese culture, enhancing group identity, and inheriting and promoting traditional Chinese culture.

“Today is the 74th anniversary of our National Day. In the blink of an eye, 74 years have passed. China has risen from poverty and weakness to the second largest country in the world. Over the past 44 years, it has opened up a great chapter in socialist revolution and construction through reform and opening up,” he added. “It has greatly changed the face of China. The Chinese nation has grown from standing up to becoming rich and then becoming strong,” he went on saying.

Institute of International Relations and Media Research (IIRMR) President Yasir Habib Khan said the festivities of China National Day galore with prettiest extravaganza. He gave a big round of applause on the singing performance of Chinese children in the event bedecked with flamboyant decorative stuff.

After the decent ceremony, China National Day cake was cut in the backdrop of music and Chinese traditional prayers for the national rejuvenation. The venue was embellished using a festive, patriotic theme. Wording of national leaders, including Mao Zedong, was displayed.

Presently, China’s National Day is celebrated over a one week period. The 7-day holiday begins from October 1st and runs until the 7th, and this period is called “Golden Week” in China. During this week, many Chinese people travel around the country to enjoy the holiday.

During this period, people have a week off to reunite with their family and take trips within China and to surrounding countries. Since 1950, October 1st every year has been celebrated as a great national festival in China.

At the National Day Evening Gala, attendees basked in songs and dances that focus on themes like love for one’s motherland and celebrations of the country’s development.