N15 re-aligned highway of Suki Kinari hydro project open

The N15 Re-aligned Highway of CGGC Suki Kinari Hydropower Project in Pakistan is open from July 29. This marks that the N15 Re-aligned Highway will replace the original N15 Highway and continue to play the mission of ensuring the local transportation and tourism industry’s livelihood.

The original N15 highway at the site of the project is important for traffic and tourism but is prone to be flooded after the project is put into production due to water storage in the reservoir area. The completion of the N15 Re-aligned Highway will not only guarantee water storage in the reservoir in the future but also ensure smooth transportation.

Suki Kinari Hydropower Project, located on the Kunhar River in the Kaghan Valley of Mansehra District, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, is part of the China–Pakistan Economic Corridor’s “Early Harvest” projects.

Up to now, the project reached 90.73% completion. Once getting functional, the project will annually generate some 3.21 billion kilowatt-hours of clean electricity, replacing 1.28 million tons of coal and reducing 2.52 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year. It can provide affordable clean electricity to more than 1 million Pakistani households.