New Gwadar International Airport gets 12 MW electricity

In a major development, New Gwadar International Airport (NGIA) has finally been powered up with 24 hours electricity after being connected to the National Grid.

Approximately 12 MW electricity has been provided to the Airport by Quetta Electric Supply Company (QESCO).

Commercial tariff will be charged in accordance with per unit of electricity, a Qesco official told Gwadar Pro.

In order to keep power supply smooth and free from power breakdown, 12 MW will remain available to NGIA round the clock as three power transmission lines will be feeding NGIA.

“It means if one goes out of function, then the second will be automatically connected and if the second goes haywire then the third will be present in the system as a backup arrangement,” he added.

“One power supply is from a 286-kilometre long, 132kV dual-circuit transmission line through Naal-Basima-Naag-Panjgur, the second is from Mund-Pishin-Turbat transmission line and the third comes from Gabd-Remden power transmission line to Jiwini-Gwadar Grid Station, he explained.