Pak-China medical MoU inked to empower Medical Equipment Industry

Dec 09, 2022 Staff Report

An agreement on medical cooperation has been signed between three Chinese and Pakistani associations at a conference on medical device innovation and application held on Thursday in Shanghai.

The agreement was inked between Shanghai High-end Medical Equipment Innovation Centre, the China-Pakistan Medical Association (CPMA) and the journal of Economic Affairs Pakistan.

While addressing the signing ceremony, CPMA president Muhammad Shahbaz said that it is “a great pleasure” to enter into the triparty deal for the cooperation on the medical equipment industry as part of the China-Pakistan Medical Corridor, adding that the parties will “actively build an integrated innovation system of ‘government, industry, university, research, medicine, and application’.”

The president said that the agreement is intended to promote cooperation on medical equipment products and innovative medical products between China and Pakistan.

As per the MoU, the triad will hold the China-Pakistan International Medical Exhibition at an appropriate time, including exhibitions of medicine, medical device products, and medical services.

Efforts will also be made to cooperate in the training of medical personnel, mainly in applying high-end medical equipment.

Shahbaz told Gwadar Pro that the three sides will also jointly prepare for the “Belt and Road” China-Pakistan Medical Forum, which is to be held alternately in China and Pakistan, inviting experts and medical equipment corporations from both countries to promote the integration and cooperation of the medical industry.

Shanghai High-end Medical Equipment Innovation Centre is an innovative medical device cooperation platform initiated by China’s University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (USST)  and other institutions.

The agreement is one of the eight deals signed at the conference. Hosted by the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, the medical device innovation and application forum is designed to boost cooperation in the medical equipment industry among countries along the Belt and Road (BRI) initiative.