Pakistan looking forward for China cooperation on banana cultivation

Pakistan looking forward to cooperating with China on banana cultivation as Lack of high-quality seeds, advanced cultivation technology and logistic facility remains a large obstacle to boosting banana production and exports.

“In China, banana has been cultivated since 2,000 years ago and China’s contribution to the international banana market stands at around 4.5%. However, Pakistan’s contribution is less than 0.5%. We are far behind. I think China and Pakistan can cooperate through collaborative research. We can progress and get benefit from each other,” Nosherwan Haider, CEO, Sprouts Biotech Laboratories, said in an interview with CEC.

The main problem we have here is the choice of good seeds. And, the rate of fertilizers is very high here. We lack good seeds. Nowadays we have a kind of seeds here known as tissue culture seed, which is also imported from China.

Enhancing Sino-Pak cooperation on banana cultivation is expected to bring win-win outcomes to both countries in the days to come. “China and Pakistan can collaborate through joint research. We can progress and get benefit from each other. In Pakistan we have a lot of land.

We have good weather. We have labor force. China has technology. We can benefit from China by getting some technologies related to agricultural practices and hybrid varieties. China will also get benefit and we can export bananas to China through China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC),” Nosherwan Haider said.

Courtesy Pakistan Today