Pakistan National pavilion opens in Langfang China

Pakistan’s national pavilion is opened at the Skill International Arts Center in China’s Langfang. The pavilion displays the diversity of the country’s products, cultural heritage, and economic potential.
The pavilion is themed “Emerging Pakistan,” and aims to showcase Pakistan’s dedication to economic development and traditional products in China.
The opening ceremony was graced by the Ambassador of Pakistan to China, Moin ul Haque, and the pavilion includes a range of exhibits, from a traditional Pakistani truck decorated with intricate motifs to handcrafted products and cultural displays highlighting the country’s rich diversity.
According to the ambassador, this is Langfang’s first National Pavilion.
“I’m delighted to inaugurate the Pakistan National Pavilion, and Pakistan is the first country to establish its National Pavilion in the Skill International Arts center,” he said.
He stated that the 75th anniversary of Pakistan’s independence was celebrated in this center last year, and the event was a resounding success despite the Covid-19 pandemic, attracting around 10,000 visitors and contributing to the establishment of the Pakistan National Pavilion here. He believes that the pavilion will attract millions of visitors here.