Pakistan Railways partners with China to enhance fleet

Eight Hundred new wagons will integrate into Pakistan Railways’ system with China’s cooperation, by the end of the fiscal year 2025-26. “The cooperation reflects Pakistan Railways’ dedication to modernization and efficiency, setting a new standard in the country’s transportation sector,” quoting a statement issued by Pakistan Railways.

Last week, Pakistan Railways inducted 40 high-quality freight wagons that were locally manufactured through technology transfer from China.

The “modern wagons” were inaugurated at a railway station in Lahore by Chief Executive Officer Aamir Ali Baloch, who noted that local production marked a crucial step towards reducing dependency on imports and conserving foreign exchange.

“The new design allows freight trains to transport containers efficiently, enhancing their versatility,” he said. “In the past, the low speed of freight trains resulted in considerable delays in the transportation of commercial goods. The inclusion of these new wagons in our fleet will increase the speed of freight trains to 100 kilometres per hour.”

“This advancement will not only expedite freight services but also contribute significantly to the economy,” he added. The locally manufactured wagons are expected to boost Pakistan Railways’ freight revenue by over Rs9 billion (about $32 million) annually, providing much-needed financial stability to the institution, he said.