Pakistani Ambassador visits China’s National Precision Agricultural Demonstration Base

Pakistani Ambassador to China Moinul Haque on Thursday afternoon visited China’s National Precision Agricultural Demonstration Base and said that agricultural machinery based on AI technology was well suited for the agriculture modernization drive in Pakistan.

During the visit, the Ambassador and his team were introduced by Han Wei, CEO of AI Force Tech, about his company’s latest products in the field of smart agriculture.

Han Wei introduced the company’s talent team, scientific research and innovation, product system and business development.

He also spoke about the advantages of use of intelligent technology and practical achievements of his company in the field of agricultural production.

Han Wei emphasized that his company was committed to using artificial intelligence and self-driving technology to provide day-night farmland operation.

“Our company actively participates in the development and construction of countries along the Belt and Road, willing to carry out practical cooperation with Pakistani friends to promote agricultural modernization drive.”

Ambassador Haque expressed willingness to establish a good cooperative relationship with AI Force Tech to promote the implementation of more efficient farmland robots in Pakistan.

During the visit, Ambassador Haque and his team also witnessed the operation of robot products such as intelligent agricultural machinery, patrol robots, medicine robots and transportation robots in the joint laboratory.