Pakistani citizens boycott fruits against profiteering in Ramadan

(Staff Report):-

Pakistanis have launched a nationwide boycott of fruit vendors, frustrated with the soaring prices and profiteering during Ramadan. The boycott, which began on March 27 and will continue for four days, has gained momentum on social media with the hashtag #BoycottFruits trending.

Many citizens have taken to social media to express their displeasure at being overcharged for essential items, especially during Ramadan when people are already struggling to make ends meet due to inflation. The vendors are charging above the fixed prices set by the government, prompting the boycott.

Aliya Ahmed, a resident of Islamabad, expressed her frustration, saying, “We are being charged double, triple the actual price of fruits. It is not fair, especially during Ramadan.” Bananas are being sold for Rs400 per dozen, guavas for Rs400 per kilogram, and papayas for Rs200 per kilogram, with apples being sold for Rs450 per kilogram. These fruits are the main ingredients in Pakistani fruit chat, a popular fruit salad sprinkled with spices.

The boycott has gained widespread support, with many Pakistanis joining the protest. The campaign aims to send a message to the fruit vendors that they cannot overcharge customers during a time when people are already facing financial difficulties.

The government has also taken notice of the situation, with officials promising to take action against vendors who are violating the fixed price list. The authorities have urged the public to report any vendors who are charging above the fixed prices, and have warned that violators will face strict penalties.

The boycott is expected to continue until March 31, and it remains to be seen if the vendors will comply with the fixed prices or if the boycott will extend beyond the designated four-day period. However, one thing is clear: the citizens of Pakistan have had enough of being overcharged for essential items, and they are using their collective voice to bring about change.