Pakistani gov’t takes measures to enhance agricultural production: PM

Pakistani Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif has said his government has been taking measures to enhance agriculture production in the country to ensure food security and cut agriculture imports.

Addressing a public gathering Tuesday in the country’s northwest Dera Ismail district, the prime minister said the government is providing maximum facilities to the farming sector to achieve the goals of high production.

“Our agriculture faced a devastating flood last year. We have not faced such challenging problems in the near past, and we are adopting innovative measures with the help of friendly countries,” said the prime minister.

The prime minister added that the government has been receiving technical help and expertise from China to modernize the country’s agriculture sector to increase production, especially of wheat and cotton.

“I hope that by adopting modern lines, we shall succeed in our mission and save billions of U.S. dollars which we pay to import cotton and wheat,” said the prime minister, adding that the country has enough energy resources with the support of China to facilitate the farming sector.

Talking about the Green Pakistan Initiative launched by the Pakistani government, Sharif invited foreign investors to benefit from the business-friendly environment in the country, especially in the farming sector.