Pakistani officials attend cotton and textile training in China

Pakistani officials have participated in a cotton and textile training session starting on August 30 in China’s central city of Wuhan. The training, which focuses on cotton processing, textile, and trade, has 23 participants from eight countries.

Addressing the opening ceremony held at Wuhan Textile University on the same day, Kashif Ahmed, Deputy Director of the Textile Commissioner’s Organisation of Pakistan, highlighted the current dynamics of Pakistan’s textile industry and expressed interest in understanding and potentially adopting some of the practices and technologies presented during the training.

Textile industry plays a pivotal role in Pakistan’s economy, contributing significantly to its exports. The training in Wuhan, which delves into modern techniques and sustainable practices, is of particular relevance to Pakistan as the country is looking to modernise its textile industry and adopt more sustainable practices.

The 21-day training session will encompass theoretical lessons, field visits to leading Chinese textile enterprises and hubs  such as Jingzhou Textile Industrial Park, thus offering a comprehensive understanding of China’s textile industry and technologies.

Sponsored by China’s Commerce Ministry and organised by Wuhan Textile University, the training session aims to provide a platform for developing countries to promote the textile industry.