Pakistani student shines on international art festival

Baguer Dawaer, a 13-year-old Pakistani student, shines on a “Belt and Road” online art festival with his piano solo The Detective.

Representing China-Pak Educational Cultural Institute, Pakistan, his performance clip was shortlisted and showcased in the “Light of Hope” unit of the first-ever “100 Sister Schools Initiative Online Art Festival” hosted by Gansu Provincial People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries and Gansu Provincial Education Department, China.

Born into a hybrid family with his mother a Chinese and his father a Pakistani, Baguer Dawaer has been living and studying in Islamabad. His mother told China Economic Net that while developing his interest in art, he aspires to learn STEM disciplines and aims for internationally renowned high school and university.

So far, the online art festival has collected nearly 300 pieces of music and dance work from over 100 schools of 21 countries and regions. In the smorgasbord of artistic works, the performers not only display the distinctive artistic forms in their respective countries, but also demonstrate their mastery of Chinese musical instruments and dances such as Clapper Talk, a general name for all the Chinese folk art forms of narrating stories in the form of storytelling and singing.