Pakistani students committed to linkages between China and Pakistan

Pakistani students showed their commitment towards promoting linkages between China and Pakistan during a students forum held at the Pakistani Embassy in Beijing on May 13, 2023.

Speaking at the occasion, the Ambassador briefed the students on the significance of China-Pakistan bilateral relations and ongoing cooperation in diverse fields. He noted that education now forms an important element of the bilateral agenda, and a growing number of Pakistani students were choosing Chinese universities for their studies in various disciplines. There were also strong linkages between academic institutions of both countries, including faculty exchanges and research programs.

Lauding their academic performance and achievements, the Ambassador advised the students to focus on their studies and learn from China’s high-quality development and progress. He termed them as ambassadors of Pakistan and requested their support for the positive projection of Pakistan through arranging and participating in various cultural activities.

The forum was part of the embassy’s outreach with students and aimed to promoting interaction and building community spirit amongst students. The event was attended by over 200 Pakistani students studying in different Chinese universities.

The students were also briefed on the consular services offered by the Pakistani Embassy and Consulates General in China and also on the recently launched first-of-its-kind portal for Pakistani students and professionals in China (, which aimed to gather Pakistani students, scholars, and professionals on one platform for sharing success stories and discussions on important academic issues.