Pakistan’s export of broken rice to China has increased: Haider

A B2B webinar on the promotion of Pakistani rice to China was jointly held here by the Consulate General of Pakistan in Shanghai, and the Pakistan Trade and Development Authority.

Nawab Ali Rahoojo, Deputy Consul of the Consul General of Pakistan in Shanghai addressed the session. He highlighted the potential of Pakistani rice in Chinese market, according to Gwadar Pro.

According to Chinese customs data, Pakistan’s exports of rice to China in 2021 and 2022 amounted to US$399 million and US$455 million, respectively.

Pakistan’s export of broken rice to China has increased substantially, reaching US$48 million in 2019 and reaching US$243 million in 2022, aligning with the overall increase in the use of broken rice in China.

China’s high-end rice consumption market is expected to reach Rmb60 billion, which is close to US$9 billion by 2023.