President of IIRMR Welcomes New Chinese Ambassador, Mr. Jiang Zaidong

In a gracious diplomatic exchange, Mr. Yasir Habib Khan, the President of the Institute of International Relations & Media Research (IIRMR), extended a warm welcome to the newly appointed Chinese Ambassador, Mr. Jiang Zaidong. President Yasir Habib Khan expressed his sincere hopes that the diplomatic ties between Pakistan and China would grow even stronger during Ambassador Jiang’s tenure.

Highlighting the significance of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) projects, President IIRMR further wished for their continued enhancement under the leadership of Ambassador Jiang. He also acknowledged the pivotal role that ambassadors play in fostering international cooperation and expressed confidence that Ambassador Jiang’s contributions would further solidify the bond between the two nations.

The arrival of Ambassador Jiang Zaidong in Islamabad was met with a cordial reception, with Pakistani officials and representatives of the Embassy joining in the welcoming ceremony. Ambassador Jiang affirmed his unwavering commitment to fortifying the bonds of the enduring China-Pakistan friendship and nurturing their all-weather strategic cooperation.