Revolution on wheels: Exploring the history of Chery’s DHT Super Hybrid

As oil prices fluctuate and high-capacity battery costs rise, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) are becoming a new favorite in the auto market by virtue of its lightweight power, strong endurance and competitive pricing. Thus, the competition of PHEV track is becoming more and more fierce.

Hybrid technology is not a new track, however, and it has always maintained the trend of “All Flowers Bloom Together”. In the Technology Roadmap for Energy-efficient and New Energy Vehicles 2.0 revised and prepared under the leadership of the China Society of Automotive Engineers in 2020, PHEV sales are forecasted to comprise only 2% of total sales volume in 2025, with a penetration rate far lower than that of HEV and MHEV.

However, since 2021, a large number of Chinese brands have launched their own dual motor DHT hybrid technology and have given PHEV market a huge boost.

In the era of technological change, breakthroughs hold key to corporate advancement. The greatest honor for an enterprise is undoubtedly in pioneering. Chery Automobile is an epitome of a company pursuing self-reliance and self-improvement through technological innovation as well as high aspiration driven by its engine – “the core of vehicle”.

Behind the power technology accumulation for more than 20 years is the continuation and inheritance of Cheryers’ traditional virtues of “Self-reliance, Self-improvement and Independent Research and Development”.

On May 18, 1999, the first engine of Chery was successfully rolled off the production line. Today, Chery has become a leading Chinese brand and pioneered in the mastery of engine technology driven by the spirit of “Self-reliance and Self-improvement”. In particular, Chery’s nature of “Pioneers” is particularly manifested in the world’s first full-function hybrid configuration DHT equipped with the first dual motor drive of Chinese brands.

Currently, Chery’s Global Power Architecture 4.0 includes fuel, hybrid, pure electric, hydrogen and other energy scenarios. Powered by the accumulation of strong power technology, the Chinese innovator essentially covers the automobile power technology route for at least the next 30 years.