“SCO Summer” sparks business, tourism, and cultural exchanges

“SCO countries have great potential in cultural exchanges and mutually beneficial cooperation in tourism. The 2023 ‘SCO Summer’ event would further promote cultural and tourism linkages between Pakistan and SCO member states,” highlighted Haseeb Gohar, Pakistani Political Counsellor to China.

The launch ceremony of the 2023 “SCO Summer” China-Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Culture and Tourism Promotion Week 2023 was held at Qingdao Pearl International Expo Center on 28 July.

Zhang Xinzhu, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Qingdao Municipal Committee and Secretary of the Party Working Committee of SCO Demonstration Area (SCODA), stated that the 2023 “SCO Summer” series of events aims to build a bridge of people-to-people integration, create a model of deepening mutual trust and cooperation, and open a new chapter in business, tourism and cultural exchanges among SCO countries.

Highlighting the SCO as a dynamic international organization with diverse civilizations, Grigory Logvinov, Deputy Secretary General of SCO noted that cultural exchanges and cooperation among the SCO countries have become increasingly close. Taking the event as an opportunity, the SCO countries will further strengthen cooperation and deepen understanding in the fields of tourism interaction and cultural heritage protection, and push the cultural and people-to-people exchanges within the SCO family to a new level.

The SCO States Artist Style Collection event was launched at the same time. Sculptors and painters from SCO countries will be invited to Qingdao and other places to explore the rich natural and cultural heritage.

The 2023 “SCO Summer” China-SCO National Culture and Tourism Promotion Week, co-sponsored by Sino-Foreign Cultural Exchange Center and the Management Committee of the SCODA, will last until August 6. During the week, the cultures of the SCO countries will be exhibited in Qingdao Pearl International Expo Center.

The 2023 “SCO Summer” series of activities will last until September 23, during which nearly 50 special activities will be held, including the SCO Media Think Tank Forum, cultural and artistic performances, special products promotions, and sports and leisure events. During this period, Pakistan Theme Day and China-Pakistan Education Cooperation Promotion Conference will also be held.