Sino-Pak Climate Material Assistance Pact in Beijing

Zhao Yingmin, China’s Deputy Minister of Ecology and Environment, and Moin ul Haque, Pakistan’s Ambassador to China, signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Climate Material Assistance.

In order to further promote green and low-carbon development in Pakistan and enhance its capacity to warn against extreme climate disasters, according to the memorandum of understanding signed by both parties this time, China will provide Pakistan with 5,000 sets of household photovoltaic power generation systems, 1 set of integrated climate change monitoring and application system equipment, 5 sets of intelligent ground meteorological observation stations, and 1 set of comprehensive cloud-based disaster risk warning support system. In addition, capacity-building training projects will be implemented to support Pakistan in enhancing its capacity to respond to climate change.

Previously, China has provided Pakistan with 7,000 sets of household photovoltaic power generation systems, effectively addressing the livelihood issue of electricity and lighting for impoverished families in the Gwadar region, and actively promoting green and low-carbon development in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. As of now, China has signed 47 cooperation agreements with 39 developing countries, providing cumulative support of over 1.2 billion RMB to developing countries and training nearly 2,300 relevant personnel. This has provided practical assistance for developing countries to actively respond to climate change and has been highly recognized and praised by a wide range of developing countries.