Spirit of Ramadan: Chinese company hosts Iftar-cum-Dinner for locals in Sukkur

LONGi, a leading Chinese photovoltaic company, while embracing the spirit of Ramadan, hosted Iftar-cum-dinner in  rural Sukkur last Saturday.

More than 200 individuals, including young boys and girls from the area, participated in the Iftar-cum-dinner and enjoyed the delicious food presented by LONGi.

The participants at the event broke their fast with dates and traditional Laal Sharbat, complemented by samosas. This customary start to Iftar, marked by the consumption of dates and refreshing beverages like Laal Sharbat, was thoughtfully prepared by LONGi to honor both the cultural and religious practices of the participants.

Iftar was followed by dinner, with pulao boxes provided to the participants. They relished their meals. “We’re incredibly grateful for the opportunity to connect with our community and make a meaningful difference together,” reads an official statement from LONGi. The statement adds that Ramadan is a time for unity, kindness, and generosity, and the company is honored to play a part in spreading love and nourishment.