Zong digitally empowering female students of Gwadar

Dec 7, 2022 Staff Report

China Mobile’s Zong 4G is providing digital equipment to students at Pak-China Gwadar Middle School in order to give female students the opportunity to learn more about technology and its effective use. Under the initiative, the students are getting a projector and screen, printing facilities, and digital learning materials.

The Pak-China Gwadar Middle School, also commonly known as Faqeer Middle School, is located in Gwadar’s Faqeer Colony. This school is part of a China-funded initiative aimed at developing a high-quality educational system in the area.
“We have a mission to ensure the complete digitalization of Pakistan. Through our inclusive approach, we are ensuring all our children– especially young girls– be provided with quality digital education to ensure their future competitiveness in an increasingly fast-paced technological world,” according to a spokesperson of Zong 4G.
The management of the Pak-China school appreciated this, citing that only a handful of their students had used a computer before and thanked Zong for setting up a digital lab for their students.
“Zong’s Digital Lab has helped the Pak-China School transform into the only non-profit digital school of Gwadar. Our students are very keen on learning digital technology and they look forward to their newly commenced computer lessons. We would like to thank Zong for their consistent support and efforts in promoting inclusive growth”, Naseem Baloch, Head Coordinator of the school was quoted as saying.