Stadium of 2022 FIFA World Cup Final built by Chinese Co.

China Railway Construction Corp. constructed the primary stadium for the Qatar 2022 World Cup final, which will take place in the coastal city of Lusail (CRCC).

On this project, Muhammad Saif Ijaz, a Pakistani contract manager with CRCC, praised his coworkers’ perseverance in the sweltering conditions.

“This was my first experience participating in such a huge construction project and I’m lucky to get this opportunity. This project is an iconic project not only for Qatar but for the entire world. It would help my career in the future”, Saif Ijaz added.

When asked about how it felt to be a part of the construction, he said it helped him understand Qatar’s traditions and culture, and that he spent almost 5 years there where everyone was treated the same according to local law, regardless of whether “you are a foreigner or a local citizen.”