3rd ship carrying MT fertiliser to dock at Gwadar Port

(By Yasir Habib Khan):-

Out of the two lac tons of urea fertiliser imports, the third ship carrying 31,000 metric tons of urea fertiliser is all set to dock at Gwadar Port on 10th January (Tuesday).

The first ship carrying 32,000 metric tons berthed on Dec 29 and the second ship carrying 31,500 tons was anchored on Jan 1. All bulk cargo consignments are being processed and transported through Gwadar Port in phases. This is the first time that Gwadar port has provided services of handling, processing and administrative operation to the Trading Corporation of Pakistan (TCP) which belongs to the public sector.

Before, all the import consignments including wheat import under the Afghan transit trade agreement and fertiliser imports for different companies were processed and transported from Gwadar port solely for the private sector. Gwadar Port is making all this happen in collaboration with Gwadar International Terminal Limited (GITL) and National Logistic Cell (NLC).

Gwadar International Terminal Limited (GITL) official told Gwadar Pro that the processing of all urea fertiliser already off-loaded is being transported through the Web-Based One Custom Clearance System (WeBOC). “National Logistic Cell (NLC) which is providing logistic services is also utilising the Web-based one custom clearance system. The National Fertiliser Marketing Limited (NFML) is the sole distributor,” he added. Given the new digitalised e-customer clearance system, all entry and exit of shipments at GITL is being made functional using WeBOC.

“Since it is convenient, transparent and business-friendly, it is highly likely to boost investor confidence and enhance commercial activities in Gwadar,” said an official of COPHC. “With the operationability of WeBOC, Gwadar Port, customs, NLC, FBR, banking channels and other institutions have observed an increase in efficiency and reduction of the time taken for processing in various departments,” he added.

It will be an impetus to foreign investors always asking for activation of E-custom functionality at Gwadar Port. After fulfilling the prerequisite, foreign investment is highly likely to come, which is desperately needed by struggling Pakistan economy in the current scenario.

COPHC official told Gwadar pro that “Shipping service provider (Makran Trader) and Ship clearing agent  are both local. “This means Gwadar port is providing business opportunities to the locals on a large scale” he added.

He said that as Gwadar port has earned its credibility in the private sector, the Trading Corporation of Pakistan is importing 200,000 tons of urea in one case and 450,000 tons of wheat in a separate case from Gwadar port.  In April, 2020, the federal government allowed the import of fertilisers at the Gwadar Port and onward transit to Afghanistan through bonded carriers-insured and sealable trucks having a tracking device.

Gwadar Port is also formally handling and processing 45000 metric tons of wheat imports as the official agreement between the Trading Corporation of Pakistan (TCP) and Gwadar International Terminal Limited (GITL) has been inked opening a new chapter of logistic activities. As per the agreement the formal processing timeframe will be between 1st February 2023 to 31st March 2023.