8 Months Later Starlink Still Awaiting Approval as New Govt Raises “Security Concerns”

Starlink Internet Services has yet to satisfy Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and other stakeholders over its technical plan—being evaluated for the launch of services in the country.

Official documents available with ProPakistani revealed that the Technical plan submitted by Starlink is under evaluation by relevant stakeholders.

The Government of Pakistan is in consultation with all stakeholders including SUPARCO, LEAs, PTA, and FAB to analyze the Starlink technical and business plan, as regional and various international countries are taking a cautious approach to allow or deny Starlink due to respective satellite regimes as well as security aspects.

The documents further revealed that security clearance of Starlink and related technical vulnerabilities assessment especially its data hosting outside the country and utilization of laser technology from satellite to satellite without using Earth Gateways is being analyzed by Law Enforcement Agency.

Further action of granting a license or otherwise will be taken by the PTA after clearance from all stakeholders.

In accordance with existing regulatory provisions, Long Distance & International (LD1) and Local Loop (LL) licensees of PTA are allowed to provide Satellite-based telecommunication services in their respective licensed region(s).

Courtesy ProPakistani