Asia Youth Leaders Forum Highlights Pakistan’s Vocational Education

(Staff Report):-

With a special emphasis on the youth among the Belt and Road countries, “Asia Youth Leaders Forum | the 4th Global Trend Conference” was held in Guangzhou, China.. The three-day forum featured Asian youth representatives and guests discussing diverse topics such as high-quality development, healthcare, global trends and finance. Pakistan’s voice has been of particular interest to the attendees, as the country serves as the critical partner of CPEC, especially given that nearly 70% of its population is under the age of 30.

“Thanks to CPEC, Pakistan is currently experiencing a phase of high-quality development, which is not only fueling accelerated economic growth but also generating a strong demand for vocational education from China to help modernize the country’s

infrastructure.” Muhammad Ammar, Vice Secretary General of the recently launched China-Pakistan International Industry-Education Cooperation Alliance (CPIIECA), shared his observation as a guest speaker at the forum, “we need to enhance the vocational skills, professional ethics, and e-commerce capabilities of Pakistani youth to boost local productivity.”

Chinese and Pakistani education professionals are actively seeking ways to address the demand for highly skilled technical talent from Chinese industries operating within CPEC. In February this year, China-Pakistan International Industry-Education Cooperation Alliance Initiative (CPIIECA) was launched in Beijing China. The alliance is at full speed to implement the Chinese export-oriented industrial development model and demonstrating vocational skills training courses in Pakistan’s economic zones.

“We are set to infuse Pakistan’s vocational education system with 210 Chinese branch campuses and 36 Sino-Pak vocational education centers of excellence across Pakistan, in the hopes of nurturing a talented pool of young individuals.”Muhammad Ammar said during the forum,“and we will provide training for more than 30,000 teachers, facilitate internship opportunities for 50,000 students, and offer “Chinese language + vocational skills” training for up to 100,000 students in Pakistan.

The forum, which saw the participation of almost 400 guests and young representatives from different Asian nations through “online+offline” channels, has indeed paved the way for a distinctive platform for youths from diverse Asian countries to cultivate communication and exchange ideas.