Senate passes bill on Balochistan institute

The Senate has unanimously passed the Pakistan Institute of Research and Registration of Quality Assurance Bill, 2023, which aims to regulate its faculties, staff, and students by providing an enabling environment and infrastructure to help them develop their potential for scholarship, creative work, professional realization, and service.

The proposed institute will be the first private-sector higher education institution in Balochistan province, and a federal charter is being sought for its establishment.

The resolution for the institute’s establishment was passed by the Provincial Assembly of Balochistan on October 27, 2022. Since the province does not have a provincial commission of higher education and is still following the federal Higher Education Commission (HEC), a federal charter is being sought for the institute.

This move is expected to provide a much-needed boost to the education sector in Balochistan and help students achieve their full potential.

Courtesy Express Tribune