Balochistan’s Zin block, OGDCL aims to boost production and exploration campaign.

Baluchistan’s Zin block, which has confirmed reserves of 840 billion cubic feet per day (bcfd), is set to be the focus of exploration efforts by Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL), according to a top official. The company also plans to boost oil and gas production from current wells in the area.

The existing production of oil by OGDCL stands at 32,250 barrels per day (bpd) and gas at 80 million cubic feet per day (mmcfd) and LPG at 774mmcfd under the optimisation plan from existing wells. The management has decided to increase the oil production to 38000bpd and add more 32-36mmcfd gas in the system. This means the gas production would increase up to 837mmcfd.

“The management to this effect has established the experts’ group to optimise the production of oil and gas. The group consists of experts of the OGDCL which has been exclusively dedicated to increasing the gas flows with timeline targets through modern techniques from the existing wells or the wells which are depleting in terms of oil and gas production,” Ahmed Hayat Lak, managing director of OGDCL, told The News.

He informed that members of the group who currently head some departments in the company were asked to fully focus on increasing the flow of oil and gas from the existing wells. “And to optimise the production of oil and gas, new ventures with local and foreign companies would also be initiated.”

Lak also revealed that two technical experts from Schlumberger—a US company — would also extend expertise to the OGDCL’s experts for enhancement of oil and gas production. Schlumberger will provide one expert from Oman and the other from its local operations. Under the plan, the target of the experts’ group for optimisation of oil and gas production has been set till June 2023, and December 2023 on 6 monthly basis for a 36 months period.

Exclusively due to the efforts of the group, the management expects that 1700 barrels per day production of oil and 1mmcfd gas will be added to the system by June 2023, and beyond that by December 2023, the incremental oil production will cross the mark of additional production of 3000bpd.

And from the Khewari gas field, 7.1mmcfd has been produced in December 2022, which will be added to the system by October 2023.

He also mentioned that in the Zin bloc located at Dera Bugti in Baluchistan, OGDCL had drilled 9 wells and 15-16 more wells were to be drilled. “Once the commercial and technical feasibility is done, we can get hold of the cumulative production of 100mmcfd low BTU.”

Lak said exploration and production companies, including OGDCL, Pak-Arab Refinery Limited (PARCO), Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL), Mari Petroleum Company Limited (MPCL), and Government Holdings Private Limited (GHPL) had signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to explore and pursue green hydrogen opportunities within and outside Pakistan. “The collaboration aims to drive the energy transition towards a more sustainable future, leveraging each company’s expertise and resources.”

Under the MoU, OGDCL, PARCO, PPL, MPCL, and GHPL will consider joint venture projects and areas of mutual cooperation for green energy initiatives. “Companies will also establish a joint fund to raise equity for hydrogen projects,” he said.

Courtesy The News