China-Pakistan Railway Deemed Worth US$58 Billion: Study

According to a feasibility study commissioned by the government, the China-Pakistan railway, which is China’s largest Belt and Road Initiative transport project, has an estimated cost of 400 billion yuan (US$57.7 billion). However, the study concluded that the project should go ahead due to its strategic significance.

The railway link has the potential to reshape trade and geopolitics in the region. It will provide China with a more direct route to the Middle East, reducing China’s dependence on Western-dominated shipping routes. Pakistan’s economy will also benefit from the project, with the port of Gwadar potentially becoming a major hub for trade in the region.

Additionally, the railway project will improve connectivity within Pakistan and with neighboring countries, which will aid economic integration in the region. Despite concerns over the project’s high cost and environmental impact, the strategic benefits of the China-Pakistan railway project outweigh its costs. As such, it is a worthwhile investment for both China and Pakistan.