China-Arab Expo: A platform for showcasing construction innovations under BRI

The Sixth China-Arab States Expo promotes high-quality joint construction of the Belt and Road Initiatives, and makes greater contributions to south-south cooperation, said Shaikh Muhammad Shariq, Vice President of the National Bank of Pakistan.

Addressing a conference themed with the theme of “High-Quality Development and Cooperation of Modern Agriculture of The Sixth China-Arab States Expo”, he noted Pakistan’s fertile land and agricultural potential offer opportunities for cooperation in agribusiness and food processing.

“The China-Arab Expo serves as an essential platform for showcasing construction innovations under the Belt and Road Initiative. For countries like Pakistan, where agriculture is a critical component of the economy, the Expo offers opportunities to adopt cutting-edge construction techniques to enhance infrastructure development in rural areas, thus boosting agricultural productivity and economic growth”, Shaikh Muhammad Shariq added.

He further emphasized that the synergy between construction innovations and agriculture exemplifies the transformative potential of the BRI and its collaborative endeavors with Arab states, reinforcing the Expo’s significance on the global stage.

“The Expo encourages collaboration and knowledge sharing between experts, policymakers, and businesses from China, Arab countries, and Pakistan. This facilitates the transfer of knowledge and expertise in construction and infrastructure development, which is instrumental in advancing Pakistan’s agricultural sector”.

Sheikh told the audience that Pakistan is committed to providing an investor-friendly environment. The government has introduced several incentives to attract foreign investment, such as tax breaks and exemptions available in specific sectors to encourage investment, adding that streamlined processes and a one-window operation have been implemented to facilitate ease of doing business.

“After the launch of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and considered as the flagship project of the Belt & Road Initiative. CPEC has not only transformed Pakistan’s infrastructure but has also opened up immense opportunities for trade, investment, and economic growth. Projects such as the Gwadar Port and the expansion of road and rail networks have boosted connectivity and trade between our nations”, Sheikh mentioned.


He concluded that the National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) is fully committed to facilitating your investments. As one of Pakistan’s largest banks, NBP offers a range of services to support foreign investors, and the collaboration between China and Pakistan is thriving, and the opportunities for further cooperation are boundless.