Chinese company to establish breeding farms across Pakistan

(Staff Report):-

Hangeng Trading Co., Ltd., a Chinese firm that specializes in animal husbandry, livestock, and Aloe Vera, is setting up breeding research centers and health units throughout Pakistan to enhance the nation’s agriculture and livestock industry, as reported by China Overseas Port Holding Company (COPHC).

In an interview with Gwadar Pro, Ali Bukhari, Coordinator of COPHC, said that the company has signed MOUs with the federal and provincial governments in animal husbandry and livestock, as they are interested in investing in these sectors to develop breeding farms and animal health units.

He said that the Chinese expert team of professors will bring breeding technology and animal vaccines to Pakistan. They will hold workshops and seminars to educate students and farmers. The animal vaccine will be easily accessible to local farmers and because of the vaccine the farmers can keep their animals safe from the effects of climate change.

Bukhari said that agreements will be signed with universities of each province. In Rahim Yar Khan, Punjab the construction of a breeding farm along with a animal health care unit is already under construction while KPK breeding farm will start soon.

Khawaja Fareed University of Engineering and Information Technology, Rahim Yar Khan (KFUEIT) and HanGeng will jointly establish a breeding research center at KFUEIT which will work on livestock farming, breeding center, student training programs and research on different varieties of Aloe Vera, he added.

The representative of COPHC said that MOUs have also been signed with some other Pakistani universities including Lasbella University, Balochistan and University of Agriculture, Faisalabad. These joint agreements between the two countries will improve agriculture and livestock breeding practices in Pakistan.

Ali Bukhari believed that with Pakistan having significant potential in these sectors, the transfer of advanced technologies and expertise could potentially help enhance productivity, efficiency, and overall output. The Chinese animal vaccines can prevent the spread of diseases and improve the health of livestock.

“The Chinese enterprises are expected to bring huge employment opportunities in our agriculture and livestock sectors. They are employing local people as they deal with animal husbandry and livestock. Their business link is directly with the locals, especially farmers,” he concluded.